Print fabric
with light.

Lumi is an amazing new way to personalize your home and wardrobe.

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A simple DIY alternative to screen-printing powered by sunlight.

Inkodye® is a photosensitive dye activated by sunlight or UV. It works on cotton, linen, silk, rayon, canvas, or any other natural and absorbent material. Once finished, your print is soft, permanent and can be machine washed without fading. Learn more ›
  • 1. Apply Inkodye

    Coat your shirt or fabric with sunlight-activated Inkodye in a dim environment.
  • 2. Block light

    Negatives or objects can be used to selectively block light from activating Inkodye.
  • 3. Expose

    Inkodye develops its color in sunlight or bright UV, about 10 to 20 minutes on a bright day.
  • 4. Wash

    Remove the unexposed dye using Inkowash to make your print permanent.
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The Lumi iPhone app and web app is the easiest way to create printable DIY t-shirt designs.

Your wardrobe is a blank canvas.

Our free app makes it easy to mockup your Inkodye designs and create negatives.

Order personalized 12x12 inch negatives (US only) or print on your home inkjet using Inkofilm transparency sheets.

Custom reusable negatives are available for $7 each. Less than 1/3 the price of an equivalent silkscreen.

Express yourself.

People around the world are using Lumi to print what they care about on the clothes they love to wear.

Explore countless ideas contributed by the Lumi community and step-by-step projects that will get you started.

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Lumi kits start at just $24.99. Learn how to print with light, and never buy a graphic tee again!

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