Apparel design made easy, wherever inspiration strikes.

•  Import and edit your designs.

•  Preview and share your ideas.

•  Order custom negatives.

Import images easily.

Take any image from your phone to start creating a Lumi print.

The editor makes it easy to modify brightness, contrast and even preview the image in all three Inkodye colors.

Test your ideas in seconds.

The new Lumicam mode combines your design with a live camera background so you can prototype your final print.

Quickly share your mock-ups with friends through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to decide on your favorite designs.

Negatives shipped to your doorstep.

The app connects to our new printing service allowing you to order personalized 12x12 inch negatives (US only).

Our reusable negatives are available for $10 each. Less than half the price of an equivalent silkscreen.

Wondering about Lumi for Android?
Help us plan the Android version.